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Remember When . . .

Do you remember the days when you use to walk into your office and you had a pretty good idea what you were going to make off a procedure, you had control over your patients, you felt in control.

Over the last few years that has all changed. Now you feel that you are traveling 100 miles per hour in a thick fog on a mountain road.

I remember when I sold my practice to serve my church as a hospital chief financial officer. I was sitting around a table with the hospital administration on one side, a high power group of managed care executives on the other side and a few physicians on the third side. I thought to my self, "Who is representing the doctor's?" "Who is going to look after their best interest" I knew many wonderful physicians who saved lives every day, who were incredible in the research lab, but who would panic when they brought their tax return to me each year.

I said right then that when I returned to public accounting I would use the skills I had as a CFO and Senior Reimbursement Specialist to help physicians in their effort to reclaim control over the practice of Medicine. To this end I am committed. Here is how I am doing it

  • Check your entire price file against what Medicare will pay.
  • Prevent massive penalties under the False Claims Act.
  • How is your hospital doing?

Articles that are helpful to physican groups

Outline of a L.A. Times article (9/12/99) on State Reforms Don't Address Problems of Doctors Groups.

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